Saturday, February 9, 2013

Experience the best of the Capital with Rashmi Taxi Service

Delhi, the Tourism Capital of India that is full of rich historical heritage. The city is famous for its heritage monuments of the Mughal and the British era, beautifully landscaped parks and gardens, national museums and art galleries and also bustling marketplaces.

Although, It is difficult to explore throughout city in one day, but it is a surmountable task with Delhi Taxi Service. They have the list of grand sights and hidden corners of the city, so no need to kill time wandering and looking for the place. It provides option to tourists to explore Delhi attractions with a more flexible schedule. It plans your time on the basis of number of attractions you want to visit.

The Rashmi Taxi Service has number of luxury taxies, available at different prices. You can hire taxi as per your budget. The experienced drivers are well known with the attractions can play a role of tourist guide. So need to hire a tourist guide and save your money. These tours are conducted in specially designed low floor buses which move continuously along a route. The routes of these buses cover monuments, museums, galleries, gardens, shopping malls, hotels and bazaars. These buses cover more than 19 tourist destinations and ply from 8AM to 8PM at a frequency of approximately half an hour.

These taxies have comfortable, spacious and air conditioned interiors. This taxi service provides entertaining and knowledgeable tour guides information about the places of tourist interest. It can be booked by calling on number provided in website and at right time taxi will be available at your doorstep.

Hire Delhi Taxi Service and explore Delhi Capital of India!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Taxi Service for your needs

Delhi is the capital of India. There is huge population in Delhi as there are more employment opportunity. Since when, Metro has been started, the population in Delhi and NCR has grown geometrically. Now, it is more convenient to reach offices and at some other places. 

Although, traveling in metro is convenient but traveling in pick time (official time) is quite suffocating. It is very rare to have a seat during the travel. On the other hand, If you are putting at some remote area which is very far away from Metro station then it takes more time to reach till station. Besides, you need to walk a lot to board the train. So thinking over these difficulties, most of the people like to hire a Taxi Service in Delhi. Just need to call Taxi Driver and they will send a taxi what you wanted with an expert driver. This not only saves your time but also gives comforts during the journey. 

One more advantage of hiring a Taxi is that whole family can travel from one location to another. There is no chance of missing out someone. 

The cabs also allow you to be flexible with an opportunity to call live personnel and reorganize your pickup or change your destination. You have no worry when having fun with friends since there is a an expert driver for you. Rashmi Taxi Service is available for the dignified class with air conditioned and well cleaned interiors.

With Rashmi Taxi Service, you will be picked from your current destination during the day or night and you will be provided with excellent services over the weekend. The charges are affordable and convenient payment methods that include acceptance of major credit cards will be accepted by us. This gives you the calmness to enjoy what the city has to offer.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Experience the Various Features of London

London is one of the most beautiful places which assure to surprise the travelers each time they visit this exotic place. Being one of the most multi-ethnic cities in the modern world, London offers a variety of cultural events which attracts tourists from various corners across the globe. 

The fascinating tourist attractions like The National Art Gallery exhibit some of the greatest paintings by famous painters. Likewise, The British Museum is popular for its Egyptian and Greek sections. Apart from these the travelers also have immense opportunity to view the “changing of guards” in The Buckingham Palace. Since London is rooted in history the travelers can actually experience the rich tradition and culture of the city which is reflected in each popular landmark.  

To view these beautiful attractions choosing the right accommodation is extremely essential. In fact tourists should book Accommodations in London which is close to the tube stations. This allows the travelers to remain well connected with the entire city at minimal rates. Budget conscious travelers can book cheap London Hotels at the heart of the city. Though cheap, these accommodations do not compromise on quality and offers great space and comfort with a homely touch. Booking of these accommodations are also made extremely simple with no hidden or service charges. What is required is to search the wide catalog of accommodations and make a selection according to the taste and budget. So what are you waiting for? Book London hotels or apartments and enjoy the city in all its beauty. which is close to the tube stations. This allows the travelers to remain well connected with the entire city at minimal rates. Budget conscious travelers can book cheap

Monday, September 24, 2012

Why Cabs in Delhi is safe for Tourists

Delhi is a pride city of India. It is full of historic places. Around 18 Million People from all over the world visit Delhi to see the world famous historic place of here. As we know that most of the tourists come by flights so they (tourists) first land in the capital and from there set off to explore this vast land. 

As they are not very aware about the worth-seeing places of Delhi so they like to hire taxis or cabs to move around the city. Unfortunately, a small proportion of them become victims to impostors pretending as taxi drivers. This makes tourists uneasy and quite soon all taxis are regarded as driven by crooks. While it’s understandable why this happens, it’s not wise to put them all in the same category.

In this Post, we will have a balanced look at the current situation and you will also read how you can stay safe while still enjoying your visit to this wonderful city in a taxi.

How tourists can remain safe?

By following these below points, tourists can be safe in private tourists taxi:
1  Before sitting in Cab, Note down its numbers

2.      Talk more and more with Cab driver in order to find what type he is
3.      Always keep your mobile ready to call Police. It is 100.
4.      Always hire taxi or cab from trusted and famous Taxi Service Provider.
5.      Discuss each and everything before sitting in Cab.
6.      In can of any controversy with driver do not hesitate to go to local Police Station.
7.      Keep the number of your country’s embassy.
8.      Keep fewer luggages with you.

Taxi Service Delhi is a trusted Taxi provider which provides taxi services in Delhi & NCR. Besides, it also sends its experienced driver with taxi to pick you up.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to find Cheap Taxi in Delhi?

Are you going to Delhi from other parts of India or from any other foreign nations? If it is your first visit to Delhi then having a bit knowledge of Delhi and its culture will definitely help you.

If you are going by train then you can get local Taxi Service in Delhi to go to your targeted location. And, if you are going by flight then may hire a Taxi from to reach your location. 

In the same, if you want to stay in any hotel then either contact agent after getting down from train or flight or Google and search cheap and best hotels situated at convenient location.  there are many budget hotels that offer you cheap rooms with all basic facilities. The room rent starts at 500 rupees per day and air-conditioned rooms are available at 5000 rupees per day.

Now after taking bath, you would like to visit worth-seeing place like Raj Ghat, Red Fort, Qutubminar, Jantar Mantar, India Gate, Parliament and Rashtrapathi Bhavan, Lodi Garden, Humayun's Tomb, Birla Mandir and Jama Masjid etc.  

It will take around week to visit all the place so hiring private taxi service in Delhi will help you to visit these all place in one or two days. For hiring cheap taxi in Delhi visit

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Affordable Taxi Service in Delhi

For any travel plans, whatever the objective of your trip and where you're going, planning in advance is a smart thing to do. This would include flight and transport and accommodation, together with a reasonable budget for each.

If you are headed to India, you will find a wide range of options to stay, what would be your travel options and sights to see when you work in the city. India is a vast country; so, reservation in advance for all of your needs is a smart move. In addition to searching hotels, finding affordable taxi services in Delhi is a difficult task.

Taxi Service Delhi is renowned taxi service provider in Delhi and NCR. As soon as you will book a taxi, your taxi will be waiting for you, so there is no need to be stressed with of waiting at the airport or at your residence. Also, it's like having a simple, because the cab driver gratefully can help you with your load which make you sure that the start of your journey will be comfortable.

Companies offering services in the airport taxi in Delhi limit their routes within the city. They could take you elsewhere from the airport, whether it's meeting in Delhi or Gurgaon or Noida, a Taxi can be arranged to take you from one place to another. For example, if you want to participate in the lunch or meeting with the workers of the company in Gurgaon, then head to Noida for dinner, you can get help from the Taxi Service Delhi in the city.

When you're ready and believe that it is necessary to hire a taxi to go airport, Taxi Service Delhi offers greater advantages, because you could service according to days or hours you will stay in the city. From the moment you step in the cab driver will show you the interesting points on the Road, so a simple path to a destination mini-exploration. Taxi drivers always have bits of interesting and useful information in the city which proves to be good guides for your travel. Of course if you're in a hurry, you should also know which routes to take and the street to avoid the meeting schedule for a long time.

If you're looking for the best transportation in Delhi, Hire taxi service Delhi at affordable price to make your journey comfortable.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Benefits of hiring a taxi while visiting Delhi or nearby cities

When visiting a new city it is always a good idea to do a careful research of the place, after all it is an work out in endurance. Especially for public who cannot converse in the language of the city. Not having any information about the place you are in is always used as power by people looking to take benefit of you.

Here are a few necessary tips for public visiting the city for the first time:


It is of supreme importance that under no condition do you give your original credentials or information to anyone apart from government, police or immigration officials.

Always keep in mind to leave all your valuables and important papers, such as ornaments and passports, secured in a secure deposit box of your hotel room. Make certain to never leave these things unattended in your room or carry large sums of cash on the streets by yourself.

It would be an excellent wise to plan in advance when visiting Delhi, regarding your stay and tourism in Delhi. Try not to take any guidance of Taxi Drivers regarding your stay/tour in Delhi. Follow only those information given by Police Officers, or any other Government recognized information Centers like Delhi Tourism.


It is sensible to travel in groups when moving around the city at night. If you are roaming alone at night, prefer traveling in a Pre Paid Taxi as it is governed and managed by the Delhi Traffic Police. In a pre paid service, you pay the fare in advance depending on the distance and luggage you have.

Bear in mind to be completely aware of your baggage and other things at Airports, railway Stations and Bus Terminals.

The cheap and best way to travel in the city is by using the taxi or the metro. Even though buses hit almost every corner and corner of the city if you are not familiar with the language or the roads traveling by the bus is not a wise choice. While traveling or walking about in busy places, be very careful of pick pockets, and do not keep your wallet or any money in your rear pockets.

Traffic is, by and large, dreadfully congested and many drivers are it autos or taxis will think nothing but quoting ten times the usual fare to a tourist. Do some researches on the current fares being charged for every public transport, and agree on prices before setting off. At any time if you feel that you are being charged unfairly, get in touch with the adjacent traffic policeman immediately.

Tourist Guides:

Delhi is home to many touts, so be careful of being lured into their complicated traps. They pose as guide, affable inhabitants or even government or police officials. One of the more baffling things when in Delhi is trying to arrange you’re onwards travel, and being certain in what your told is correct. There are countless fake 'Government Approved' Tourist Info places, you need to go to a legitimate Government Approved Tour Operator like taxi service delhi, count on auto or taxi drivers to take you to the correct place, do your research properly.


Never bring more money than you need, try to carry credit cards and minimal cash in your pockets. Carry your wallet in an inside jacket pocket or side trouser pocket, never in the rear pocket. ATM networks of all major banks can be found at various locations in Delhi. So, it is better to use plastic card instead of carrying cash all the time. When exchanging money, make sure you only go to registered money exchangers.


Delhi has extreme type of weather, which means awfully hot during the summers, while very cold in the winters. Try to visit Delhi during the period of Feb-March and Sept-Nov. At this time, the weather of Delhi is at its best. If you come in any other month, you will be facing either awfully hot or extremely cold weather.