Monday, September 24, 2012

Why Cabs in Delhi is safe for Tourists

Delhi is a pride city of India. It is full of historic places. Around 18 Million People from all over the world visit Delhi to see the world famous historic place of here. As we know that most of the tourists come by flights so they (tourists) first land in the capital and from there set off to explore this vast land. 

As they are not very aware about the worth-seeing places of Delhi so they like to hire taxis or cabs to move around the city. Unfortunately, a small proportion of them become victims to impostors pretending as taxi drivers. This makes tourists uneasy and quite soon all taxis are regarded as driven by crooks. While it’s understandable why this happens, it’s not wise to put them all in the same category.

In this Post, we will have a balanced look at the current situation and you will also read how you can stay safe while still enjoying your visit to this wonderful city in a taxi.

How tourists can remain safe?

By following these below points, tourists can be safe in private tourists taxi:
1  Before sitting in Cab, Note down its numbers

2.      Talk more and more with Cab driver in order to find what type he is
3.      Always keep your mobile ready to call Police. It is 100.
4.      Always hire taxi or cab from trusted and famous Taxi Service Provider.
5.      Discuss each and everything before sitting in Cab.
6.      In can of any controversy with driver do not hesitate to go to local Police Station.
7.      Keep the number of your country’s embassy.
8.      Keep fewer luggages with you.

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